Activities by members

Activities by members

1)Activities that contribut to the dessemination of science and technology

Disseminating knowledge and understanding of science, technology and industry is very important for nurturing future researchers and engineers and for growth of the nation. This association is engaged in activities to promote the development of science, technology, and industry by utilizing the experience gained at Tokyo Tech.

Our activities range from the "Kuramae Science Program Fushigi Fushigi" (Kurarika) for children to supporting members who want to start their own businesses.

2)Projects to support the alma mater

As an alumni association, we support our alma mater, the Tokyo Tech, and its current students.
Every year, we hold a welcome party for new students. In addition, the association organizes several large meetings with companies and students seeking employment, and also acts as an advisor to individual students on their job hunting activities.
We also hold lectures to share the valuable experiences of our alumni with students, fund-raising events, and open seminars with other universities to support students who will be active in the future.

3)Activities to promote networking among members

As mentioned above, Tokyo Tech has a long history and its alumni are active in a wide range of fields. One of the main purposes of the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association is to connect them and to provide a place to deepen friendship among members.
This activities include runnning of this websites, activities at each branch, distribution of the association's letterzine, and support for the holding of each alumni reunion.