Annual Event Schedule

Annual Event Schedule

Latter half of 2021

Thu 10th June 14:30-15:00 JSTGeneral Assembly
15:00-16:00 JSTBoard of Management
Thu 15th July 15:00-17:00 JSTBoard of Management
Thu 14th Oct 15:00-16:00 JSTBoard of Management
Fri 12th Nov 13:30-17:20Branch Managers’ Meeting
17:30-19:00Networking event of Branch Managers
Tue 14th Dec 15:00-16:50Board of Management

First half of 2022

Thu 6th Jan 12:00-13:00New Year’s party
Fri 21st Jan 17:30-20:30New Year’s Lecture Meeting and networking event
Tue 8th Feb 15:00-17:00Board of Management
Thu 17th Mar 15:00-17:00Board of Management
Thu 19th May 15:00-17:00Board of Management
Thu 9th Jun 14:00-16:00General Assembly
16:10-16:50Board of Management
17:00-19:00Networking Event of General Assembly

The subcommittees attached to the Board of Management are held in a timely manner by the subcommittee chairmen. In addition, the Committee for Nomination of Candidates for the Board of Management and Auditors meets in March and reports to the Board of Management.

For the events of each branch, please refer to the section of each branch.