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Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza

Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza

Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza

Tokyo Tech Alumni Association


  • "Greetings from President Ido"

    Kiyoto Ido, the president of Tokyo Tech Alumni Association, talks about its management policy and sends a message to the alumni of Tokyo Tech.

  • "What's up in Kuramae"

    Tadashi Tsujino, the secretary general of Tokyo Tech Alumni Association, shares a current status of the association.


  • 19th Risshi Seminar

    The "Risshi" project will hold "the 19th Risshi Seminar" on 15th Dec 2021.
    Mr. Akiyama, who has a brilliant and dynamic career path in the financial and venture capital area, will talk about how to survive in the VUCA era.

  • 18th Risshi seminar report

    The "Risshi" project held "the 18th Risshi Seminar" on 21st Oct 2021.
    Mr. Ito of Panasonic, Ms. Habu of KDDI and Mr. Sakamoto from Mitsubishi talked about how to make a change and adapt a change.

  • New Year's Lecture Meeting

    The New Year’s lecture meeting will be held on 13th Jan. 2022.
    Dr. Endo, the Chairman of the Board of NEC corporation, will give us a lecture titled “ Get closer to the essence and create a new value! New changes in value creation with the evolution of ICT”.

  • Joint Seminar with Hitotsubashi Univ.

    The joint mobile seminar which has started since 2009 by jointly Tokyo Tech Alumni Association and Josui-kai (Hitotsubashi Alumni Association) will be held in Shizuoka-city. Please join us either onsite or online.
    Sun 5th Dec 2021, 13:00~16:30(JST)