"Risshi" Seminar Report

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  • 19th Risshi seminar report

    The 19th "Risshi" seminar has held on 15th Dec 2021.
    Mr. Akiyama, who has a brilliant and dynamic career path in the financial and venture capital area, talked about how to prepare for the VUCA era.

  • 18th Risshi seminar report

    The "Risshi" project held "the 18th Risshi Seminar" on 21st Oct 2021.
    Mr. Ito of Panasonic, Ms. Habu of KDDI and Mr. Sakamoto from Mitsubishi talked about how to make a change and adapt a change.

  • 17th Risshi seminar report

    The "Risshi" project held "the 17th Risshi Seminar" on July 2021.
    Ms. Kamo talked about her career as an architect and enjoyment and hard things in the experiences, followed by dialogues with Ms. Tsuchiya and Ms. Sugaya.

  • 16th Risshi seminar report

    The 16th Risshi Seminar was held on 19th May 2021 under the theme of "Japan in the world – Career development in the global society".

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