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  • The 2022 Spring Lecture Meeting

    The spring lecture meeting was held on 14th May 2022.
    Ms.Koyama, a live singer with a background in science and engineering and a career as lighting planner, gave us her career history across boundaries.

  • Joint Seminar with Hitotsubashi Univ.

    The joint mobile seminar which has started since 2009 by jointly Tokyo Tech Alumni Association and Josui-kai (Hitotsubashi Alumni Association) was held in Shizuoka-city on the 5th Dec 2021.

  • New Year's Lecture Meeting

    The New Year’s lecture meeting was held on 13th Jan. 2022.
    Dr. Endo, the Chairman of the Board of NEC corporation, gave us a lecture titled “Get closer to the essence and create a new value! New changes in value creation with the evolution of ICT”.

  • Semi-Annual Science & Tech Seminar

    The 44th Science and Technology Seminar will be held on 23rd Oct 2021 under the theme of "New science and technology to solve social problems such as healthcare, medical care and environment."

  • 2021 Autumn Lecture Meeting

    The autumn lecture meeting was held on 1st Oct 2021.
    Prof. Maeno, who has established “Well-being study” at Keio Univ, talked how we can make our lives well in the long term.
    It was very inspiring lecture and the participants seemed to look back their own situation.

  • 2021 Spring Lecture Meeting

    The spring lecture meeting was held on 15th May 2021.
    Professor Asa Ito, director of the Future of Humanity Research Center of Institute for Liberal Arts in Tokyo Tech, talked about how to enjoy sports with blinded people and build communication in a new way with capitalizing differences.

  • 2021 New Year's Lecture Meeting

    The new year’s lecture meeting was held on 22nd Jan 2021. Dr. Mishima, thePresident of AMED(Japan Agency of Medical Research and Development) and immediate past president of Tokyo Tech, talked about the role of AMED and current activities including countermeasures against COVID-19.

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